STUCK using Contract Lifecycle Management without AI/ML? ContractAi can turbocharge it
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Realize 2-4% savings in 6-8 weeks rather than months and years

Value Proposition

With low upfront investment, shared success, and quick savings, ContractAi pays for itself through accelerated cost savings, reducing risks with no hidden fees

Flexible business models
Subscription or Gainshare

Save 2-4% in 6-8 Weeks
Rapid Time to Value

Zero spend on product consultants
Faster, better, cheaper

Disparate data sources, no problem
Structured, unstructured to scattered data

Responsible AI
Transparency and Explainability

We do the heavy lifting from ingestion to insights

Why is ContractAi better?

With our Gainshare model, we live up to our words and offer to make our money only after we save for you. The critical tool in overcoming procurement challenges is leveraging your data with AI/ML. We have proven solutions that work for Fortune 5 to mid-sized enterprises across all industries

  • ContractAi ML employs the highest-performing transformer models
  • Multiple pipelines to ensure the best solutions
  • Advanced NLP means very low human intervention for review
CLM Solutions
  • Not designed to access specific information within one or multiple contracts
  • CLMs manage the contract process. ContractAi makes CLM better by simplifying users’ lives and generating savings